Fodder - The Movie!

Sometimes it seems that TV consists of little more than makeover programs and food programs. Now the BBC in their search for yet another winning formula, have come up with a new offering, the makeover food program, or to be precise, the makeover healthfood store program. On 28 June, BBC1 spent the day at Fodder the health store in Church Street, filming a half hour episode of ‘Mind Your Own Business'. The programme takes the owners of a failing shop to visit a flourishing one and aims to show them how they can better their business. While they are away, a BBC team gives their shop premises a secret makeover, which of course comes as a great surprise to the owners when they return. Read more ...

Successful retail chain owner Theo Paphitis presented the program in which he brought Birmingham shop owners Tina Richards and John Beddowes to Fodder to learn how to run a thriving natural food shop. Unfortunately that meant that it was not Fodder which was given a lick of paint at the expense of the BBC, we had to do that ourselves.

OK, you may be forgiven for not having seen the previous episodes in this major groundbreaking series as they have gone out at 11am, a time when most people are living real life rather than watching reality TV.

I guess our customers were somewhat surprised to find the shop full of television crew and lights but no one seem to mind the disruption. Andy Warhol said that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Well the Fodder staff and some of their customers will soon be famous for 30 minutes. So if you want to see Robbie and Chris packing endless figs plus fascinating views of our basement store room, don’t miss Mind Your Own Business which will be going out later in the year. ‘’I’m delighted that Fodder been selected as a ‘centre of excellence’ by the BBC and that we have been able to help Tina and John improve their business,’’ said Fodder owner, Jonathan Seddon-Harvey, ‘’and honestly, fame won’t change me, though I’m expecting a call from Celebrity Big Brother any day now’’.

Posted: Tue - November 1, 2005 at 07:25 PM