Abergavenny Food Festival - Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 September

The full Festival programme can be viewed on www.abergavennyfoodfestival.com. General Entry wristbands can be purchased on-line until Monday 10 September. All tickets can be purchased from The Borough Theatre on 01873 850805
SATURDAY - 12.30pm - Borough Theatre. Entrepreneurs and Artisans. Tickets: £5.00
 Is small always beautiful? Is bigger always worse?  Will tomorrow's 'artisan food hero' inevitably become tomorrow's corporate demon?  Three entrepreneurs who have ridden the wave from small beginnings, talk about the pressures and the challenges that come with growth.  Rufus Carter is Director of The Patchwork Traditional Food Company, the renowned pate-making company founded on his mother's kitchen stove.  William Chase is the potato farmer who invented brand-leader Tyrrells Potato Chips.  Mitch Tonks started the first FishWorks to create a 'fishmonger's with tables'.  There are now twelve.  Matthew Fort is The Guardian Food and Drink Editor.
SATURDAY -  2.00pm - Borough Theatre. Who Killed Healthy Eating? Tickets: £5.00
 Britain emerged from the war with its population better fed than ever before.  New technologies in agriculture and food science promised to banish the spectre of dietary disease for ever.  Today it is back on the agenda.  What happened to healthy eating?  James Fergusson is the author of The Vitamin Murders - an investigation into the post-war agro-chemical industry.  Andrew Whitley is an artisan baker and campaigner for real bread.  His book Bread Matters won this year's Andre Simon Award.  Jonathan Harrington is an agricultural biologist who has worked in Africa and as a crop consultant in the UK.  Joanna Blythman is Britain's leading investigative food journalist and author of several award-winning books.  Her most recent book is Bad Food Britain.

SUNDAY - 11.00am. People, Plants & Genes. Tickets: £5.00
Why is it that out of tens of thousands of edible plants in the world, humankind has only gone on to domesticate a few dozen?  Denis Murphy applies the latest advances in modern genetics to answer questions of how, when and where crops came to be domesticated and explores the symbiotic relationshsip between people and food plants over 50,000 years of evolution.  Denis Murphy is Professor of Biotechnology at Glamorgan University and author of Plants, People and Genes: The story of crops and humanity. Jonathan Harrington is a crop biologist who has worked in Africa and the UK.
"The most democratic of festivals, the most easygoing, the most celebratory" (Matthew Fort, The Guardian, Nov 2006)

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