Sun - September 23, 2007

Autumn Fete and Open Day - Saturday 6 October

Rainbow Nursery Playgroup will be holding their Autumn Fete and Open Day on Saturday 6 October from 2.00 to 4.00pm.. Join them for autumn fun; stalls, produce, children's activities and much more, as well as the official opening of theirr new Children's Garden. Everyone welcome at the Scout Hut, Scout's Corner, Eign Road, Hereford

Rainbow Nursery provide quality pre-school care and education for children aged 2 to 5. Telephone 07866 844668 or email

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Sat - September 17, 2005

Sledging, zip wires, climbing towers and trail blazing - all in a day's work at St James School!

Every year Year 6 children (aged 10 - 11) from St James CE Primary go to Malvern Outdoor Activity Centre for a three-day residential visit. Very often this is the first time the children have stayed away from home and although excited, they can feel quite apprehensive about the trip. The days are action packed and full of fun. The children return to school dirty and tired but longing to go again! Read more ...

Here are some reports written by  the children who went to Malvern this October.

Grass Sledging - by Florence and Rosie

One early morning we went grass sledging at Eastnor Park. It was still and quiet and the mist was just unbuttoning. As we approached the gate to the park we saw a sign that said: Don't approach the deer, it is mating season and they are very protective of their young! Everybody got a bit nervous but we knew we would have a super time. When the bus had parked we all clambered out of the van and went to get our sledges.

The hills were full of dew and very slippery. When we got to the top everyone collapsed and I stupidly said, "I'm not going first!?" So guess what? I had to go first! I screamed like crazy as I zoomed down the hill towards the pond. Luckily the brakes worked!

Then a stag came grazing by, so I ran for my life - or at least I tried! The sledge was so heavy to pull behind me. Then my partner Rosie took a turn and she headed straight towards the stag. As she got nearer and nearer the tension was rising ? the brakes went on and made a terrible screech - birds flew out of the trees! We all ended up very muddy but had lots of fun!

The Zip Wire - Ashleigh-Marie

The zip wire is a high wire that goes across a huge ditch. Claire, our leader, chose me to go first, so off I went! I climbed the steep, scary ladder and moved onto the platform. Claire put the harness onto me and then pushed me down the wire! I screamed - it was like going down a huge mountain on bike with no brakes! Mr Pigott was supposed to catch me when I got to the bottom but he missed so I went whizzing to the middle again! My friend Heather came down next and when she got to the bottom her face looked as though she had seen the end of the world! She probably didn?t know that, but anyway we all worked as a team and lifted her up!

The Climbing Towers - by Holly

Claire had to show us how to put our safety harness on and I got a bit tangled up with mine so she had to help me! When everyone was finally sorted out we could start. I had to pull the rope to keep Michael stable - if he fell off the rope he would just dangle there! When it was my go I managed to touch the top but then Claire had to help me get down. I needed to get into an abseiling position, but I kept slipping off, so in the end I had to dangle there until Claire lowered me down.

The Mass Punch Trail - by Connor

The mass punch trail is orienteering (finding certain things with a compass and a map) BUT in the pitch black! Ben and I were in a team together with Mr Pigott, who made us go into the deep, dark, dingy woods first, to get it over and done with. In the middle of the forest there was a bridge. Monty and Ashley snuck up on us and scared us out of our wits! When we had almost finished we heard a rustling and turned around to see Mr Leyshon-James who had come to our rescue! We eventually found the missing punch over a fence and in a bush - Ben and I were the winners!

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Aliens from outer space spotted in St James School!

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Year 4 at St James CE Primary School have been learning to write definitions. After reading the definition of a parent, they tried their hands at defining a teacher! This is Alfie Sheridan's attempt! I'm sure that this can't possibly be a teacher at St James!
Definition of a teacher:

A teacher is someone who tries to teach children properly. Teachers come in weird shapes, sizes and looks. Some teachers have been known to come from outer space and are classified as aliens. Usually teachers live at home but this is not always true. Some have a favourite chair where they do not move from, they just make a few noises. The male teacher may well spend most of the lunch time in the staff room drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Like his close relative, the chimp, he likes to eat peanuts. Teachers sometimes say annoying things, such as, "You are NOT going out until you have finished!" "Conkers are banned", or "Get on with your work!"
Conclusion: Teachers mostly drink tea in the staff room at break time.

April 2005.

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Roman activity day at St James School - by Class 3, St James School

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On the 22nd March 2005 a lady from the Herefordshire Museum came to our school. The lady told us about a Roman timeline and about a farm that archaeologists have dug up and found a Roman town underneath it. She also helped us to make Roman pottery from different pieces. On table two we learnt about Roman food and we chopped up Roman spices and food. On table three we looked at different types of pottery. At the end of the day we dressed our teacher (Mr Gale) up in a toga and everyone laughed.

Originally published in JABA 11 (April 2005).

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R E Day at St James School

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On Monday 7 March 2005 we had an RE day. We learnt about Muslims and Islamic Art. In assembly, a man called Raz came to our school to talk to us. Firstly, he told us about being a Muslim and about Allah (God).
He showed us how to write a few letters in Arabic - a, l and h. They might seem odd letters to learn, but if you put them together they spell Allah.

In our classes we designed pictures with the word Allah in them and some classes did big pictures in groups. My class did individual pictures.
At then end of the day two people from each class showed their work in the hall. A group of Year 5 and 6 children showed us an Islamic dance.
We now have a book with all our work in it. I think our Art is really good. I had a great day and I think the rest of the school did too.

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Class 5 meet a real poet! - by Megan Lovell, Class 5, St James School

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On the 11th March 2005 Class 5 went to see Chris White at the Town Hall. He started by telling us about "Wang fu the kung fu shrew" who came with a poem. Chris White proceeded by telling us about his deformed pets who again came with poem. There was a dog with one leg, half a kitten, a hamster with one eye and a goldfish he just didn?t like. Then he taught us French (English with a French accent) and in French we drew Phillipe the furry French fox who had a napkin so he didn?t get food in his furry bits. We then drew and listened to a poem about UGG the caveman. We ended in autographs. It was a slightly rude but fun morning.

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Shark in the toilet - poem by children from St James School

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I haven't got a clue how he got there
He has lots of sharp teeth, a very ugly face
And he's really given me a scare!
Help me oh Lord help me
Whatever should I do?
I think I'll get a sword
And swipe him through and through.

How do I get him out?
I've pulled, I've tugged, I've kicked and I've slapped
I've even flicked his snout!
It bothers me all day and all night
I cannot get to sleep
People don't come around anymore
They leg it down the street!

I really can't flush him down
He's bitten my arm and he's bitten my bum
All I can do is frown!
Then I ran to get a bucket
Big enough for him to fit in
Then suddenly, but quite accidentally
I popped him with a pin!

Written by Chloe Armstrong, Jamie Combe, Aaron Smith, Georgina Wilcock, Eve Kelly, Steffen Cunningham, Megan Lovell, Amy Beddoes, Jack Stevens and Tom Hooper, all from St James CE Primary School

Originally publised in JABA 11 (April 2005)

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