Explore the Oriental Way to Health & Well-Being

A new class is starting in Hereford to teach ancient oriental non-strenuous, self-healing exercises to improve and maintain health. Both Chinese and Japanese cultures emphasise taking responsibility for one’s own health, and over the centuries hundreds of techniques for improving and maintaining health and well-being have developed. This new class aims to help local people learn and benefit from just some of these gentle, but very powerful ways to help revitalise and rebalance the body’s energy. They are great for improving flexibility, circulation, immunity to ailments and for calming and soothing the mind and emotions. The content will include:
• Do-in - forms of self-massage, invigorating or gentle.
• Makka-Ho - stretches to open up energy pathways and improve flexibility.
• Chi Gong - if you’ve ever seen pictures of people in China exercising in the parks, it may well be Chi Gong that they’re doing! There are innumerable ‘forms’, but all involve using posture, movement, breath and meditation to generate energy (Chi) to promote health and well-being. Some simple and safe Chi Gong exercises will be taught which can be practised at home. The class will be run by Susan Crawshaw, a Hereford-based Shiatsu practitioner. It will initially run for 6 weeks, on Thursdays 7.30-8.30 pm (commencing 4 May 2006) at ‘The Art of Living’, 39-43 St Owen Street, Hereford. Each class will cost £3.00 and content will be suitable for anyone, but the room is up a flight of stairs. For information or to book (not essential), please contact Susan on 01432 357859 or email susan@shiatsusan.co.uk.

Posted: Sat - April 22, 2006 at 08:15 PM