Herefordshire Youth Council is on it's way ...

... but your help is needed to make sure as many young people (11-18yrs) get to know about it as is possible! Over 2300 young people across the county think Herefordshire should have a Youth Council (Youth Survey 2005).
What do Youth Councils do? A Youth Council meets up, discusses and acts on issues that matter to young people. They work alongside adults and decision makers (like the county council) to get young people's voices heard, to influence and change the way things work for the better. Youth Councils have. put on youth events & conferences, designed Youth Information Cards, given out money to youth projects, set up anti bullying projects, carried out surveys, found funding for skate parks and lobbied for change such as reduced bus fares... AND MUCH MORE!
Why have one in Herefordshire? It is YOUR RIGHT to be involved in decisions that affect your life.  Young people are often left out of this process. There are hundreds of Youth Councils over the country. We don't have one here. A county wide Youth Council would help young peoples' voices be heard in Herefordshire and beyond through links with the United Kingdom Youth Parliament.
What's it all about? It's NOT about sitting round tables & always being serious. It's about having your voice heard, getting involved and having fun!
UPDATE, April: The Youth Council has now been elected! Over 700 young people voted across Herefordshire to get their voices heard and elect the Youth Council. The website is now live, please visit for further information

Posted: Tue - January 31, 2006 at 10:49 AM