Mind games force drivers to slow down - the future for St James?

Researchers say that removing white lines and painting roads different colours can trick motorists into safety, Juliette Jowit, transport editor of The Observer reports. First came the dreaded speed hump and other obstacles to make drivers slow down. Now local authorities are to be allowed to use more subtle and psychological tricks to get motorists to take their foot off the accelerator. A major report for the Department for Transport reveals that 'psychological' traffic calming works. Painting the road different colours, taking out white lines or planting things in the way of sight-lines on corners can be used to make roads look narrower, or bumpy or windy. Drivers then feel less safe and drive more slowly - a principle adopted most radically in one town in the Netherlands which abolished all signs and road markings. Read the full article here or download the .pdf (52k): MindGames.pdf

Picture courtesy of Hamilton-Baillie Associates

Posted: Tue - November 22, 2005 at 10:27 PM