Community Travel Plan Update - January 2006

All homes and businesses in the St James and Bartonsham area will be leafleted in the next few days with an update on the progress of the first phase of the Community Travel Plan (pop over to our sister site for the full story). Download a copy here (CTPUpdateMasterJan06.pdf) or read more for the full text of the flyer ...

The Community Travel Plan is now nearing the end of its first phase and we believe that the steering group* has been successful in delivering results through working in partnership with Herefordshire Council. We hope you agree. We all want to make our streets safer and more pleasant for everyone to use, particularly children, and the community travel plan is one way of helping to achieve this.

Achieved so far:

√ pedestrian crossing in St Owens Street
√ staggered parking on Green Street starting this month
√ greater awareness of travel choices √ Increased desire for safer cycling
√ greater speed awareness in our area
√ regularly updated website -

There have been mixed feelings about the proposed new design for the junction outside the shop at Harold Street, but we believed it had majority support which is why we pushed Herefordshire Council to proceed. Unfortunately they have again delayed the decision whether or not to proceed, claiming the scheme is over budget, and we are now advised that a decision will be made in February, although it now appears that if approved, it will then join a shortlist of many other schemes in the County. If ultimately successful, the work will done during the school summer holidays of 2006.

The junction is just one part of the original idea, which covered the length of Green Street, suggesting a better use of the other junction spaces, particularly with Mill Street, and a more pedestrian friendly treatment of the street itself. You will be consulted early next year about an idea to create phase 2 which will look for external funding to realise this vision and possibly extend it to include other streets and 'gates' to establish entering a calmed area. You will also be asked how you think things have progressed so far.

There will be an update in the next edition of JABA (March 2006) and a Travel Survey by Easter 2006 for you to air your views on the process. In the meantime, please join the debate and let us have your comments on our website There is free internet access at the Riverside Centre (WRVS) every Thursday, 9am - 3pm.

*The steering group comprises residents, Rev P Towner, our Ward Councillors, St James School Head, Riverside Centre Manager, Council Officers and the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation.

Posted: Fri - January 6, 2006 at 07:42 PM