Community Travel Plan Update - April 2006

We try to keep you all up to date on developments, and it’s a regret of all St James representatives on the CTP Steering group that there are often infuriatingly long gaps between brief moments of activity – and too often we only have negative things to report!

Four things to report since our last mail-out to all homes in January: Herefordshire Council has asked the Community Association to bid for the £30k they seem to have recently misplaced for funding the junction. Cllr Wilcox, Cabinet Member for Transport had asked the City Council for this money, and they in turn have asked us to apply for it. We have declined to do this for the reasons outlined below in the letter from our chairman, Rev Paul Towner to the Council….

"... the CA executive met the other day, and had a long talk around the subject of the travel plan, and where we have got to’…….’in particular we looked at the strange position we were being asked to consider - that of applying, in effect, on behalf of the County Council to the City Council for funds. The CA executive decided that it was not prepared to be placed in this position.
Highways funding is a County Council role (for which they receive income from a variety of sources), we remain convinced that the £30,000 application to the City is a political move at least as much as a financial one, and for that reason we cannot possibly get involved ..."

Further exciting (?) news is that the staggered parking pilot initiative for Green Street is still on board, despite lots of hiccups, and should start soon!

The second survey of households, delayed for three years pending successful implementation of measures that would demonstrate popular and practical ways of slowing traffic and make cycling safer and more logical, will now take place in June this year (we trust!).

And lastly, the C/A has been invited by Council to organise a consultation of retailers and residents of St Owens Street, to progress many people’s desire to be able to cycle legally up into the city centre. This consultations will happen at a public meeting on June 16th, 6 - 8pm at the Town Hall – put it in your diary and come and support YOUR demand for safe accessible cycling in Hereford. Bring friends and family! More info at and or ring 352559.

Posted: Tue - April 4, 2006 at 04:43 PM