CTP report for St James & Bartonsham Community Association AGM 2006

Mo Burns submitted the following CTP report to the AGM of the St James & Bartonsham Community Association. Most of our energy in 2006 has gone on trying to find out what’s been happening between the city and county councils re their undignified arguing over financing the junction build to traffic calm the centre of St James and Bartonsham. The plan was – back in 2004 – to calm the centre junction and the main streets leading to it, - that is Green, Harold and Nelson streets, if the pilot in Green Street proved successful. This was in answer to public concern over speeding vehicles.

As we all know, trying to work positively with ones local authority can be a very frustrating experience as they deal with the twin steep-learning-curve of improving their consultation processes and trying to reduce innate cynicism amongst the population. (The two are curiously interrelated ...)

So, achievements this year are limited to Green Street achieving staggered parking which is currently in pilot stage (more on that in the Dec Jaba) and, at the council’s request, running a one-off initial consultation evening for St Owen St retailers and local community to see if we could reach agreement in principal for our longed for right to reach OUR city centre and the shops along the way by bicycle! This is about to go to public consultation and we feel the C/A committee’s input, although not entirely played as we would wish, was useful. Out next challenge is to make sure we all comment on the plans when they are formally published – but in the meantime are available to see tonight and subsequently in the travel notice board in Harold Street.

Finally getting agreement to run the overdue second Quality of Life Travel survey– which has just been distributed to all households. I would like to thank all who took part, whether the hard-working, stoical and probably damp distributors, and all residents who took the time to fill them in. Everyone’s views are extremely valuable – more maybe than is realised - as they show democracy at work and provide the information, ammunition and heart to continue to argue for what we all want – a safe, calmed, clean, and attractive environment in which to live and play.

We will shortly be putting the council’s draft design for a cycle contra-flow up St Owen’ St in our Travel Notice board, with dates, deadlines and where you send your comments to. PLEASE comment – the council really do want to know what we think, and we will do our best to ensure our voices are listened to. Thanks to everyone. Mo Burns, CTP secretary October 2006.

Posted: Thu - October 5, 2006 at 12:12 PM