This bridge - elegant.
In the Cathedral's shadow, face to face.
Autumn mists - then a glorious light, a dream of lace.
Victoria, the name in memory of a Queen.
A bridge, graceful, cream - loved and seen.

It stretches across a river bank to bank.
A landmark - a heritage, 'The Wye', a nature's dream.
Triumphant, preserved, protected by modern man.
The trees seen almost to bow their heads. The Willows weep.
It is a light of power, this bridge, a cream metal dream.

A boat moored moved in its shadow.
The bridge of time from one century moving on.
A witness to those that might destroy;
a new image cast, Victoria bridge swings aloft.
Hereford, a bridge's heritage secure at last.

Anon 2006

Posted: Mon - September 18, 2006 at 10:56 AM