Do you want Harold Sreet TA ground as a community space?

There has been lively discussion recently in the pages of JABA and at Community Association meetings about the use of the TA field on Harold Street, following from Dan Hall's article in JABA earlier in the year and which you can read on our Points of View page. Many local people remember the green being used by the local community and would like to see this happening again.

The Community Association Committee would like to encourage one or more local residents who are concerned about this to take the possibility forward in terms of contacting the TA, local councillors and other relevant bodies, and keeping the local community informed and involved in the process. You would be supported by the Community Association and JABA in whatever ways possible.

Please contact us via (or telephone Rob Hattersley on 378407) if you are interested in this.

Posted: Thu - October 27, 2005 at 11:17 PM