Hereford City Community Forum

Want to question your local councillors? Find out about plans for your local area? Bring the Council's attention to a specific problem or make them aware of a local issue? Then you need to attend the Hereford City Community Forum! The Forum is chaired by Central Ward Liberal Democrat Councillor David Fleet and covers matters relating specificially to Hereford City for which the District Council are responsible. It offers a useful forum for keeping councillors in touch with real life. The next meeting of the Forum will be on Tuesday 10 January 2006 at The Shirehall. Read more ...

These meetings have historically been very poorly advertised and promoted so JABA has decided to do the Council's job for them, or it is local citizens that lose out through poor attendance. We have repeatedly requested that meeting dates are set a year in advance and promoted effectively, but this has not yet been achieved. At the time of writing, the council website allows you to view information about 'forthcoming' meetings for September 2004 - the minutes will apparently be available before the meeting - but no information is on the site about any future meetings, depsite repeated requests that this is provided! JABA will try to keep local residents informed and encourage greater participation and attendance. 
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Posted: Wed - November 9, 2005 at 10:49 PM