Large scale works due to start in Bishops Meadow soon - why fell 20 or more trees?

Update 21 February: over 300 people attended the public meeting. Full details of the continuing campaign now available at

Public exhibition and press conference about the PROPOSED FLOOD DEFENCES this coming Tuesday 20 February at 6pm at The Watershed on Bishops Meadow. Plans and information about the EA scheme and the alternatives that are available will be on display. The aim of this meeting is to gather considerable support from the public in support of Herefordshire Council to lobby DEFRA and the Environment Agency to agree to a two year holding of funding for the Hereford Flood Defence to allow time for the details to be reviewed. Herefordshire Council has so far been under threat of grant with-drawl by the EA, should they question the details hence a fundamentally flawed scheme has been progressed.

Currently the EA scheme destroys the St George the Vth Playing Fields; by felling 23 mature trees, uprooting hedgerows and replacing this with a shuttered concrete wall, denying access at key points within the park to the disabled and cyclists whom enjoy the park and were not consulted, removes sports facility funding to Aylestone Park and removes King George the Vth memorial gates that were opened by Queen Mary in 1937.

Most people are not aware of what is planned, as the EA has carried out little public consultation on this engineering lead scheme. This is not acceptable within the most significant cultural and public open space asset within the city. Government need to reconsider these important issues that so far have been ignored. We are therefore appealing to the public, Herefordshire Council and the MP to unite to campaign for a better scheme for the city.  We hope you can make this event.

Posted: Sun - February 11, 2007 at 03:07 PM