So is this Community support?

Picture this ... its a balmy Friday evening, people are out for a stroll on the Bishops Meadow, swans are on the river, all could be well except the youths are out in force. Half naked under age lads drink from lager cans, tossing the empties onto the grass, swearing and belching loudly, their girls do much the same, all oblivious to the drinking ban. Boy racer exhausts boom in the distance. Graffiti and rubbish is everywhere, as is discarded fast food and dog mess. It’ll be worse still in the morning. American tourists walk by, you feel ashamed that they have to see this, angry that we have to live with it, frustrated that no one will deal with it. A flash of fluorescent green; its a Community Support Officer standing by his black and white bicycle whilst all this goes on around him, slightly hidden to some by bushes. Unperturbed he concentrates on a more serious crime; a lone cyclist pedalling steadily over the Victoria Bridge, sensible, helmeted, middle aged, no one else on the bridge, offending no one. The CSO steps out from the behind the bush and proceeds to caution the cyclist. Youths jeer, the man rides off, chastised for something that hundreds of people have done every day for 100 years. ... the CSO departs, job done. So just how does this support our Community, Officer?

Posted: Fri - June 8, 2007 at 08:52 PM