By-election Tupsley Ward - results

The poll to fill the casual vacancy in the Tupsley Ward of the Herefordshire Council and the Tupsley Ward of the Parish of Hereford was held yesterday, although with a pitiful turnout of just 27% one has to wonder just how representative the results are. St. James and Bartonsham is now entirely represented by Liberal Democrats. Tupsley ward - which includes the eastern side of the JABA area, is represented by Cllr. Marcelle Lloyd-Hayes, Cllr. Bill Walling and now by Cllr. Liz Taylor. City Ward, which covers the northern end of Green Street and the surrounding streets, and is represented by Cllr. David Fleet. For details of your councillors visit Read more for the results, unless you're overwhelmed by apathy ...

Herefordshire Council -Tupsley Ward:
Guy Griffiths  Independent  274
John Henry Oliver Labour party  118
John Walter Perris  Conservative  608
Elizabeth Ann Taylor   Liberal Democrat 831 ELECTED
(commonly known as Liz) 
Richard Thomas  Independent  56

Hereford Parish - Tupsley Ward:
Guy Griffiths   Independent  315
John Henry Oliver  Labour party  123
John Walter Perris  Conservative  618
Alan Paul Taylor   Liberal Democrat 834 ELECTED

For a BBC report on the by-election click here.

Posted: Fri - December 2, 2005 at 11:40 AM