First Fairtrade clothes now on sale

Hippy Shopper report the big news today: the first Fairtrade clothes went on sale at the weekend. One of the first out of the blocks is Epona Sport and its panopoly of ethical hoodies, the £30 ladies' version of which is pictured. By an ethical hoody, I don't mean this black hoody only buys locally-sourced food and has high moral standards; instead, I refer you to the fact that the cotton's bought at an above-market rate, thus guaranteeing a cotton farmer's living. The Fairtrade crew point out the 'urgent need for Fairtrade cotton in the context of low world cotton prices' and says the first stuff will come from India, Peru, Mali and Senegal. In addition to Epona, there are nine other Fairtrade clothes shops in the UK, including Hippy regulars such as Hug, Gossypium and People Tree. The full list of Fairtrade cotton suppliers is here.

Posted: Mon - November 21, 2005 at 03:34 PM