Turn newspaper into plant pots

Top marks again go to our favorite ethical shopping site, Hippy Shopper, for drawing this neat little idea to our attention. More proof that you don't have to be Charlie Dimmock to get your fingers muddy - a genius little widget that makes old newspapers into new plant pots. You wrap the paper around the post, push it into the base ... et voila! One free seedling pot (but go easy with the watering can). According to Hippy Shopper reader Elana K, kids love 'em, so manacle the little urchins down Dickens-style and set them to work. For green points, the Paper Pot Maker sets a new high score: as well as recycling newspapers, it saves plastic and the pots will biodegrade when you plant them out. Nice. You can get yours for a tenner at Selections online.

Posted: Thu - November 24, 2005 at 03:07 PM