Request for battery recycling bins binned by Council

Last summer, the question of the disposal of domestic batteries was raised at a Community Association meeting and the suggestion that a suitable bin be provided, perhaps outside Bartonsham Stores, was mooted. This would enable spent batteries to be taken to Rotherwas for appropriate disposal. The matter was referred to the Council and, true to form, those responsible have done nothing to assist those who vote them into power. Councillor Phil Edwards, the Cabinet Member for Environment, in an email to us on 8 July 2005 stated "Again, I intend to pursue the issues you raise." We've heard nothing since. If anyone would like to do some research on what a community can do to recycle batteries without Council help - or would like to take the matter up with the Council (again) - then we would be very pleased to hear from them. Please get in touch via

Friends of the Earth state: "Batteries make up only a small proportion of the stuff we throw away in terms of weight, but the heavy metals they contain cause big pollution problems. Many authorities collect car batteries, but recycling options for smaller batteries are less easy to find. Cut down your need for batteries; use rechargeable batteries, or buy radios and torches powered by solar power or windup power instead.

Posted: Wed - January 18, 2006 at 03:05 PM