Grants for Renewable Energy Generation

The Government launched a new grants scheme (Low Carbon Buildings Programme) on 1 April that will give grants for installation of wind turbines, solar hot water, photo voltaic cells & wood burning stoves on a domestic basis. It may require some self-funding as well but there are apparently concessions for those of you over 60, on benefits or single parents.
First stage is to register an interest in having an application form where it goes into all the details and you can then click to register for a 'stream one' application form. Lets see those windmills throughout JABA land ...

The DTI's Low carbon buildings programme will also provide grants for microgeneration technologies for community organisations, schools, the public sector and businesses. Microgeneration is the stand alone generation of low carbon heat and/or electricity which for example, could be through solar photovoltaics.

Posted: Mon - April 24, 2006 at 11:03 PM