Sustrans River Wye bridge scheme is through to the final selection stage

We are very pleased to announce that final list of Connect2 projects has just been published and the Hereford scheme is one of just 80 to be on the that list (from over 400 originally submitted) and which will be presented to the Big Lottery and taken forward to the live television vote during Winter 07/08. It is these projects that will be made reality should Connect2 be succesful in the vote. Sustrans have been delighted by the positive reaction to Connect2, the time and hard work invested and the impressive quality of the schemes. Also, the extremely strong reaction to Connect2 from the public. Sustrans have received thousands of pledges of support from individuals, communities and organisations and Hereford has been no exception to this - this is great news! For the full details click on the logo and read our other articles under Sustainability.

Posted: Wed - May 2, 2007 at 12:32 PM