Riverside Walk to close for 24 weeks

Just when we getting used to the idea of having the Victoria Bridge back, the Council are about to close the Riverside Walk for the rest of the year to enable flood defence works to proceed. Yes, these are the works that the Campaign for Better Flood Defences are still asking to be improved following the earlier pathetic and devious attempts at 'consultation' by the Environment Agency (EA). The full sad story is online at www.bishopsmeadow.org.uk, where you can register your view on the scheme. The latest is a consultation of just 400 households in Hinton (why only them?) as to what to do with the King George Vth Memorial Gates currently on Hinton Road. Earlier schemes simply had these 'disappearing'. This consultation gives two choices; neither option is satisfactory so what option do the people then chose? This is another clever method of fooling the public into thinking they have been consulted, when of course they have not. The real consultation took place months previous and the EA yet again have not listened and the Local Authority has yet again capitulated. Why should a government agency be allowed to run rough shod over our heritage? The EA are not a heritage body, the whole sorry mess is engineering led, is cheap indictment of everything that is wrong with public service. Oh, and yes, they are still going to cut down all those wonderful trees, despite earlier assurances to the contrary ...

Posted: Thu - July 5, 2007 at 10:32 PM