Community Association - Notice of Annual General Meeting - 1 February 2010

The St James & Bartonsham Community Association will hold their Annual General Meeting on Monday 1 February 2010 at The Riverside Centre, Vicarage Road from 7.15pm onwards. The meeting will review the aims and objectives of the CA and will re-elect the Executive Committee. Nominations ahead of the meeting are welcomed.
Guest Speaker will be Elizabeth Semper O’Keefe, Information Services Manager of the The Archive Centre in Harold Street.
Come early for wine and cakes from 7.15pm, AGM at 7.45pm. All very welcome. Click on Read more ...

The CA was founded in 2002 and has grown and evolved into its current role as an 'umbrella', overseeing and supporting a number of vibrant groups underneath it, including the JABA newsletter itself, the JABA web site, the Community Travel Plan, JABA in Bloom and Flicks in the Sticks. As JABA is now established as a well supported and widely distributed newsletter (with its associated web site), information can be easily disseminated without the need for regular CA meetings, although these can be called if necessary. The Executive Committee ensure that the initial aims of the CA continue to be upheld in a formal and legal manner.

One of the outcomes from the recent drop-in Police Surgeries at the WRVS has been the desire for some Nelson St and Green St residents to form a group to tackle anti-social behaviour problems. There is potential for them, or any similar like minded residents, to simply form a group with a core of 4 members, elect a chair and put their proposals to the CA Executive Committee. If accepted, the group can sit under the 'umbrella', as referred to above, covered by the CA's constitution, bank account and insurance. What the CA won't do is the work for you - they have more than enough to do as it is! If you have a local issue, you are best placed to deal with it - the CA will help with advice and reporting in JABA and you will be expected to report progress to the Executive Committee' quarterly meetings.

Posted: Wed - December 30, 2009 at 02:41 PM