North Tupsley Action Group - “Community Spirit”

N-T.A.G. was formed in February 2007 after two public meetings established a need for the community to band together to put a stop to anti-social behaviour that had been plaguing the area, and to highlight the complete lack of community facilities in North Tupsley. They now have a website at

Since that time N-T.A.G. has been very busy with a further, very well-attended meeting and several “drop in” days when residents were able to talk on a one-to-one basis to Committee members. From the concerns expressed here N-T.A.G. liaised with the Community Service Officers for the area, lobbied Herefordshire and Hereford City Councillors and took up other complaints from the residents. One in particular was the application for a large car park to be built on the site of the Art College building at the top of Pigott Close. N-T.A.G. strenuously campaigned on the residents’ behalf to have this application refused, and although the application was withdrawn a further one has been lodged. The complaint is due to the proposed entrance/exit onto a very small access road, which will exacerbate an existing parking and traffic flow problem.

Parking, road markings, speeding, litter and dog-fouling problems are ongoing issues, but we are happy to report that there has been a reduction in anti-social behaviour.

Two Youth Forum meetings were held and the children encouraged to start up a youth club, with fund-raising possibilities. From these meetings it was established that there was a need for play facilities for the local children as at present there is only one tiny area for toddlers. Herefordshire Housing has been most kind and co-operative in providing a place on their land for goal-posts. There was a competition held at Broadlands School when 73 wonderful drawings and paintings were entered by the children in which they showed what kind of play-area they would like in the area.

A “Summer Extravaganza” in aid of N-T.A.G’s community fund is being held on Saturday, 7 July at 1-4 p.m. at the White House public house, Whittern Way, with a car boot setting up from 12 noon (£4 a boot), table sales and much more. It is hoped the community will go along and support N-T.A.G. who are holding their very first event.

Posted: Wed - June 27, 2007 at 11:56 PM