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- Next Community Meeting: Tuesday 28th Sept at 19.30 via Zoom -
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News & Events

Latest local current & upcoming issues & events
Cotteswold Dairy: Change of use, Traffic Control Order and related issues

Over the last few months The Community Association has convened a working group to meet with representatives from Cotteswold Dairies and those residents... Read more..

Harvest Trail 2021

Due to the popular Easter Trail event that JABA put on this year, we are looking at placing a similar event for Harvest Time. It starts at 2pm on Sunday 26th September. Click here to download your items to print, your checklist and also the route!

Eastern River Crossing

With Councilor John Harrington, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure
& Transport.
A presentation with the opportunity for questions & answers.
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What is JABA?

Founded in 2001 by local residents wanting their say on the development of the old hospital site, the St. James' and Bartonsham Community Association has worked for 20 years to benefit the residents of the Bartonsham area.
Next meeting: Community Association meetings are held quarterly unless needed earlier. Next meeting: June 24th 7.30 - 9pm.
JABA and CTP logo by Howard Meadowcroft 

What does the St.James' and Bartonsham Community Association do? The Association works to...

  • Inform
    of local issues, local changes, local news, local groups, Council strategy
  • Discuss
    provide a forum for discussion - meetings, social media
  • Support
    support local initiatives, local community
  • Act
    working groups, research, lobby
  • Entertain
    Events, talks, walks
  • Benefit 
    the local residents and community

Local Groups

For a wealth of useful local group & activities

Event Gallery

Here are some of the latest photos from our most recent events...


St James' Church, Hereford

Dating from 1869, St James’ Church has been a keystone to the parish of St James & Bartonsham. Even through difficult times, the church has found ways to bring light & hope to those who needed it.
Click here to visit the St Peter & St James’ Website.
More in depth historic information can be found here on the Bartonsham History Group page.

St James School

St James C of E Primary School

St James’ School has been educating and laying the foundations for generations of children. You can visit the School’s website here. History on the school can be found here.

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